Show Me Gold Prospectors and Visitors,

We will not be having our meeting this month on May 9th, 2020 because of the Corona virus outbreak.  They recommend that meetings and large groups should be cancelled. 

Please stay safe and well.

Erma Altis, Secretary

Welcome to show gold prospectors "gOLD pROSPECTORS aSSOCIATION OF America" Missouri chapter

No matter how you found us we are glad you came and we hope we can help you with your interest with the would of prospecting.

First a little about us.   We have been around since 2003 with Doug Foster and Tom Gabriel starting  the club, it originally met in Smithville, Mo. where it quickly outgrew the meeting place.  The club is a Chapter of a nationally known organization called "Gold Prospectors  Association of America" or GPAA. There is a sister organization called "The Lost Dutchman Mining Association" or LDMA.

Since we are a chapter of GPAA we have adopted the suggested basic constitution put out by GPAA.  Therefore  our officers and board member are required to members of GPAA to hold office or to vote in elections.  You DO Not have to be a GPAA member to belong to our chapter. 

 But the benefits is great to be a member.  

You may have noticed there are at least two or more raffles going on before the meeting.  One is run by the chapter and may also include a 50/50, and a large item raffle.  Since there are NO Dues this is how we pay for the meeting place, food and other items needed to run a large fun loving club.  

We also have a store that is run by our Treasurer Robert Quick. This is also a fund raiser but is mainly there for the convenience of the club members. You may buy anything from 

T-Shirts, panning bags and gold prospecting tools in the store.

The other raffle is run by "The Mining Rights Chairman" Melvin Altis who uses the money collected in this raffle to send to organizations like American Mining Rights Association or "AMRA" and the Eastern Oregon Mining Association for use in their Legal Department to 

fight anti-mining laws and lawsuits.

Both Raffles rely on members to donate items to the raffles.  These items do not have to be new or related to prospecting.  In the past we have some very interesting items.

What to do at the meeting! PARTICIPATE!

1.  When you get there hopefully about 30-45 minutes early the first thing to do is to sign in with the Secretary Erma Altis if you are new or if you are a member the secretary has two sign in sheets.   Also if you change your address, phone number or email please make sure to give it to the secretary Erma Altis. Plus let her know if you are a member of GPAA or LDMA.

2.  (a) If  you have any items for the raffles donate them now.  The mining rights raffle has a special raffle every month just for people who donate  to that raffle. Then you will receive one special ticket for that donation.

(b) Buy some raffle tickets this is how we support the chapter and pay the bills.

Flour Gold Wizards

Check out this great video!  Show Me Gold Prospectors!

About Us-We are here to have a great time!

 April 13th, 2019 at Wellington, MO. just a few of our members

Our Goals for Show Me Gold Prospectors!

Show Me Gold Prospectors is a chapter of Gold Prospectors Association of America (GPAA).  

On May 3rd, 2003 Show Me Gold Prospectors was founded by a group of prospectors who shared similar interest and goals.

*Our Goals*

* Share the hobby of prospecting with others.*

-We all enjoy prospecting for different reasons.   As a chapter we always look forward to sharing our hobby with others.-

* Help educate the public on the benefits of 

recreational mining*

-There are many benefits to recreational mining.

 So, it's important for us as a group to educate

 the public on these benefits.-

*Attend functions and hold group outings.  This will allow for members & any potential members to learn about & practice

the hobby of prospecting.*

*Hold regularly scheduled meetings to share concerns and knowledge on issues related to the hobby of gold prospecting.*

*Find additional locations in 

Missouri for everyone to go prospecting*

*Expand our network of prospecting friends.*

*We also share the hobby of metal detecting.*


More information about our club!

 Our  chapter has no dues.  It is solely self-supporting through raffles held at each meeting.  You do not need to be a member of the GPAA to join our chapter; only to vote on chapter issues or hold a chapter office.  Our chapter welcomes new members!  We have over 200 members on our roster from all over Missouri, Kansas, and Iowa.  Most of ours meeting we have about 

60+ people in attendance. 

 There are enough experienced members to 

help those who are just starting out in the 

hobby of gold prospecting and metal detecting.


Meeting Location and Food!

   Show Me Gold Prospectors meetings are held in Wellington, MO.  Our home base meeting place is the Wellington Fair Board building in Wellington, MO.  The Fair Board building is located on the NE. corner of the square in the town of Wellington, MO north of 24 Highway on to 131, at the roundabout, to 109 E 4th street next to City Hall by the Park.  We normally meet the second Saturday of each month at 11:00 am. with a potluck lunch, the main course is provide by the club, and salads and deserts are donated by the members. We eat at 11:00 am the meeting starts around 12:00 noon. There is always plenty of free coffee and ice tea.  Snacks are often brought by members as well.  Please bring your own soft drinks or beverages. So come early to visit everyone.  In November our meeting changes to the first Saturday of the month at 11:00 am.  Our November meeting is the last meeting of the year, with a all gold raffle give away. Members and non members are welcome to take part in this by purchasing raffle tickets.  October and  December we do NOT have a meeting.  

Officers and Board Members


Officers 2019

President: Sharon Foster     816-695-1620         


Vice President: James Myers      


Secretary: Erma Altis                      


Treasurer: Robert Quick                 


Outings Director:  D.W. Dishman   


Board Members 2019

Doug Foster:                   


Gary Zumwalt:              


Joyce VanSickle:          


Roenna Johnston:         


Randy DonCarlos 


Gold Prospectors Association of America 

Missouri State Director:  Doug Foster 


Come and See us to learn more

Show Me Gold Prospectors Meeting Location

We meet in the build on the left side. The address is 109 E. 4th Street, Wellington, MO.  The park is across the street. 

If you would like to learn more about metal detecting or gold prospecting come an join us. Everyone is welcome!  Hope to see you there!

Please Join Gold Prospectors of America!

"Get you membership kit today at Gold Prospectors of America!  Tell them that you are a member of 

Show Me Gold Prospectors.

Gold Prospectors Association of America
43445 Business Park Drive Suite #113
Temecula, CA 92590   


Toll Free: 800-551-9707 (United States Only)
Local: 951-699-4749
Fax: 951-699-4062  


General Information: info@goldprospectors.org
LDMA Information: ldmainfo@goldprospectors.org