The Start of Show Me Gold Prospectors


On May 3, 2003

Show Me Gold Prospectors  started with 77 people gathered to discuss forming a GPAA chapter in Missouri.  After voting on a name, Show Me Gold Chapter, which passed with a majority, the membership voted unanimously to form a chapter.  We are now the Gold Prospectors Association of America, 

Show Me Gold Chapter. 


Next Meeting June 14, 2003

Name was clarify the name of our chapter to be

Show Me Gold Prospectors

Show Me Gold Prospectors with Felix Dirt!

Officers on May 3, 2003

President: Tom Gabriel

Vice President: Mike Baier

Secretary: Sharon Foster

Treasurer: Ken Larimore

Claims Committee: Doug Williams



The picture above is Show Me Gold Prospectors with Felix Pay Dirt!


Pictures below are of Show Gold Prospectors 2003 on thru 2007 are a few of the outings from places like Trimble, MO, Sheridan, MO,  and to Thermal City, NC, about every year. The members went to  Lathrop, Mo from 2004 every year since then helping the school kids to learn about gold prospecting.