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  AMRA, American Mining Rights Association is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit which advocates for use of public lands by the people and for the right to prospect and mine on those public lands. Our mission is to inform the public and its members on what is transpiring in America as it pertains to these rights and the ability to use   our public lands through facts and information. We strive for integrity, honesty and clear and concise reporting of the facts.  


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Back in DC

We are again in   Washington, DC, our fifth trip this year, in our quest to obtain regulatory   certainty and regulatory relief for miners.

The ICMJ staff is   with me this time, and our office will reopen on Tuesday, May 7.

IMPORTANT: Petition   Drive

We want to show   members of the House and Senate that their constituents are supporting   regulatory reform. Public Lands for the People set up an online petition in   support of our proposed federal legislation. We would love to bring in a very   thick printout of those supporters names, including their hometowns and   states, to show legislators they have the support to move this legislation   along.

Please visit the online petition   page and add your name   to the list of supporters.While there, you can read the proposed legislation   and many of the endorsement letters we have received so far. 

Keep in mind that   while "Critical Minerals" and "China" are in the title, the   proposed legislation will benefit miners big and small.

And please pass   along this link to your friends and relatives—the more support we can   demonstrate, the better.

EPA Clarification

We are scheduled to   meet with President Trump's appointees at the EPA regarding clarification of   the rules related to in-stream mining. Specifically, we are seeking EPA   clarification regarding "incidental fallback" and situations where   there is no addition of a pollutant to provide relief for suction dredgers on   the federal level. We will obviously provide you an update on this   development in our next (June) issue of ICMJs Prospecting and Mining   Journal

Oregon v. Bohmker

The US Supreme Court   has denied to review Oregon's ban on in-stream mining. This seems to leave   only one option--getting federal legislation passed to restore reasonable   regulation to the mining industry in America.

From Jonathan Wood,   Senior Attorney, Pacific Legal Foundation:

"This morning,   the Supreme Court denied further review in Bohmker, leaving the Ninth   Circuit’s decision in place. I thought Kaycee wrote an excellent brief on   behalf of us but, as I’m sure you all know, the odds of the Supreme Court   taking a case are extremely long. It only hears 2-3% of the cases presented   to it.

"There   continues to be a split among the circuits on this issue, so we’ll have to   keep looking for opportunities to present the issue to the Court, especially   in the Eighth or Tenth Circuits (AR, MO, IA, NE, SD, ND, MN, WY, UT, CO, NM,   KS, OK). For those of you with members or contacts in those states, you might   keep an eye out for state or local mining bans in those states."

What Can I Do?

We've had some very   significant meetings this year with legislators, staff members, Pentagon   officials and members of the Trump Administration.

Keep in mind that   even though our proposed legislation has "Critical Minerals" and   "China" in the title, it applies to all miners, including gold   miners and dredgers.

What you can do to   help move this process along:

1) Read our proposed   legislation. Although it is titled "Critical Minerals..." the   changes will benefit all miners. You can find it online here

2) Check to see if   your legislator is on one of the key committees. We are only listing those   who have expressed their support. All of the Senators listed are on the   Senate Energy and Natural Resources and/or Senate Subcommittee on Public   Lands, Forests and Mining:

Senator Lisa   Murkowski (R-Alaska) (chair) 202 224-6665

Senator Mike Lee   (R-Utah) 202 224-5444

Senator John   Barrasso, (R-Wyoming) 202 224-6441

Senator James Risch   (R-Idaho) 202 224-2752

Senator Steve Daines   (R-Montana) 202 224-2651

Senator Bill Cassidy   (R-Louisiana) 202 224-5824

Senator Cory Gardner   (R-Colorado) 202 224-5941

Senator Cindy   Hyde-Smith (R-Mississippi) 202 224-5054

Senator Martha   McSally (R-Arizona) 202 224-2235

Senator John Hoeven   (R-North Dakota) 202 224-2551

Senator Lamar   Alexander (R-Tennessee) 202 224-4944

Senator Joe Manchin   (D-West Virginia) 202 224-3954

Senator Roger Wicker   (R-Mississippi) 202 224-6253

Senator Deb Fischer   (R-Nebraska) 202 224-6551

Senator Tom Cotton   (R-Arkansas) 202 224-2353

Senator Mike Rounds   (R-South Dakota) 202 224-5842

Senator Joni Ernst   (R-Iowa) 202 224-3254

Senator Thom Tillis   (R-North Carolina) 202 224-6342

Senator Dan Sullivan   (R-Alaska) 202 224-3004

Senator David Perdue   (R-Georgia) 202 224-3521

Senator Kevin Cramer   (R-North Dakota) 202 224-2043

Senator Rick Scott   (R-Florida) 202 225-5274

Senator Josh Hawley   (R-Missouri) 202 224-5154

Senator Mike Crapo   (R-Idaho) 202 224-6142

Senator Ted Cruz   (R-Texas) 202 224-5922

Senator Lindsey   Graham (R-South Carolina) 202 224-5972

Senator James Inhofe   (R-Oklahoma) 202 224-4721

Senator Mitch   McConnell (R-Kentucky) 202 224-2541

Senator Mitt Romney   (R-Utah) 202 224-5251

Senator Marco Rubio   (R-Florida) 202 224-3041

Senator Ben Sasse   (R-Nebraska) 202 224-4224

Senator Tim Scott   (R-South Carolina) 202 224-6121

Rep. Paul Gosar   (R-Arizona) 202 225-2315

Rep. Mark Amodei   (R-Nevada) 202 225-6155

Rep. Kelly Armstrong   (R-North Dakota) 202 225-2611

Rep. Brian Babin   (R-Texas) 202 225-1555

Rep. Jim Baird   (R-Indiana) 202 225-5037

Rep. Kevin Brady   (R-Texas) 202 225-4901

Rep. Jeff Duncan   (R-South Carolina) 202 225-5301

Rep. Louie Gohmert   (R-Texas) 202 225-3035

Rep. Liz Cheney   (R-Wyoming) 202 225-2311

Rep. Paul Cook   (R-California) 202 225-5861

Rep. Doug LaMalfa   (R-California) 202 225-3076

Rep. Tom McClintock   (R-California) 202 225-2511

3) If your   legislator is on this list, please give them a call. Be polite. Let   them know that you support the legislation proposed by Public Lands for the   People titled "Critical Minerals: National Security Amendments to the NDAA — Breaking China’s   Grip on America’s Mining and Production of Critical Minerals. Please ask them to support this crucial   piece of legislation and give them the title so they know exactly which   proposed legislation you are calling about. 

4) Please pass this   message along to your fellow miners. The more volume we can generate, the   better the results. Members of Congress want to know that their constituents   support this proposed legislation.

5) As part of our ongoing efforts, we have   started recruiting businesses and individuals who might want to contribute   financially toward this effort. Trips to DC are not cheap. Airline tickets,   hotel rooms, taxi rides and Uber fees add up quickly, and we are already on   our 5th week-long trip this year. If you know of someone who might   contribute toward this effort, please contact me ( and I can send them (or   you) a copy of the educational/legislative packet along with a sponsorship   form. 

6) If you are part   of a group, company, or entity that would like to submit an endorsement   letter for inclusion in this effort, please do so and forward it to me (

We'll give you   another full report on our progress in the June 2019 issue, and we thank you   in advance for your help.



Latest News from PLP

April 29, 2019

PLP  has proposed an amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act  (NDAA) called “Critical Minerals: National Security Amendments to the  NDAA”. This Critical Minerals Amendment, written and proposed by our  legal researcher Clark Pearson, solves most of the small miner’s  regulatory problems observed by PLP over the last 29 years. A huge  amount of research and practical knowledge has gone into this amendment.  It was written by a working small miner to help all miners, big and  small. It provides clear and concise regulatory certainty in dealing  with all regulatory bodies the miner faces today. PLP is presently  seeking co-sponsors on the House and Senate side.

This Critical Minerals amendment is a must read and should go down as  the most important piece of legislation to help the mining industry in a  very long time. You can help us TAKE ACTION! PLP has started a petition drive at: where you can read the proposed legislation and support material then electronically sign the petition. Your signature, along with thousands of others will be shown to select  members of the United States Congress and Senate. The signatures will  convince legislators of the groundswell grassroots support and that the  time to act is now. ICMJ’s Prospecting and Mining Journal, which has  documented our progress in Washington, D.C., also has it available for  viewing and comment at:

The ICMJ has also taken the lead to receive individual miner and mining  association endorsements in support of the “Critical Minerals: National  Security Amendments to the NDAA” on their Facebook page or by sending  your endorsement to their mailing address:

ICMJ P.O. Box 2260 Aptos, CA 95001

Read the detailed PLP update here:

Please do your part to help us Take It Back and Keep It! Renew your personal, business or club membership and PLEASE HAVE ALL YOUR CLUB members join PLP as well. Encourage everyone to be an active part of the solution and be among those who are making history.

Don't forget, there is still time to purchase your 2019 Grand Raffle tickets! A book of 12 tickets only costs $10. Don't wait until the last-minute rush! You can't win if you don't enter!

We can mail them to you or drop your tickets in the barrel for the July 9th drawing- your choice. To purchase tickets, call our toll-free number (844)-PLP-1990 which is (844) 757-1990 OR Mail a Check (to the address below), and specify the number of ticket books you wish  to purchase. Let us know if you want us to assign your ticket numbers  and drop them in the barrel or mail them to you to fill out and mail  back. Supporting the PLP Grand Raffle helps us continue to fight for your rights.

23501 Burbank Blvd. Woodland Hills, CA 91367

We look forward to hearing from you,
Your PLP Board of Directors